Zozo is a Henson-created creature that we use to educate children and their families about our built environment and the way it affects us. Zozo stands for greener living by encouraging active transportation like walking and biking and also the importance of sharing our ride to reduce our carbon output. He also helps children understand how changes in the streets such as bike lanes, pedestrian areas, better parks and room for transit can make a better city – and create a sustainable future. Zozo is a part of StreetEducation, produced by the nonprofit OpenPlans.

Zozo makes friends wherever he goes. Zozo loves to talk to people about walking, biking, using transit and making a better, happier city. As New York becomes more livable, the more Zozos will come back to join him. He can’t wait to have more friends to play with! Take a look at Zozo in this film as he talks about ways to get around town that can really make a difference:

The myth of Zozo is multi-layered. We imagine that many Zozos roamed the urban landscape and interacted with people. But once the automobile took over the cityscape, Zozos were forced onto hiding. Now with so many street level changes happening in New York City, making it such a livable and friendlier place, Zozo has come back to live among us and support green streets in all forms. On essay writing, please contact us here buydissertations.net

Zozo and Friends

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Share Your Ride

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Go Green

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Walk to School

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Meet Zozo

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Streets Education Open Plans