Teacher Training Materials

Teacher Training Curriculum

Thank you to all the teachers that came to our Streets Ed teacher training this March.  This page has downloadable copies of all of our units - each with 6 to 10 lessons.  Each PDF has both the Teacher’s Guide and the Student Workbook.  Please feel free to download these, pass on this link to other teachers, and use as much as you possibly can.  Please take the time to fill out this comment form to give us feedback on any part of these materials that you can. You can also download our street redesign PowerPoint here.

Elementary School

Grades K/1: The Streets Around Us

Designed to enhance any Neighborhood/Community Study that you are
doing with your students, this unit focuses on the way streets are
designed and how signs and symbols are used to give information.
Special emphasis will be placed on improving safety and awareness for
walkers, bikers and drivers.

Grades 2/3: Getting Around Town

This unit focuses on transportation in New York City and it’s relationship to environmental sustainability. It can be used to enrich your curriculum for transportation, the importance of community, and any bridge or tunnel study.

Grades 4/5: Green Streets

This unit focuses on the impact that cars have on overall air quality - and in
particular around your school. This includes a study of pollution, calculating Carbon Footprint and looking at who is driving in your neighborhood.

Middle School

Grades 6-8: Redesign Your Street

This street design study introduces students to new, innovative concepts in street design and urban planning. Students are challenged to to redesign the block around their school.

Grades 6-8: The Air That I Breathe

This unit makes the connection between our transportation choices, air quality, and climate change, using the area around your school to do hands-on science.

High School

Grades 9-12: Making a Livable Community

Students explore transportation and the urban environment from an equity perspective, and are challenged to question who has the right to safety and access when it comes to our streets. The unit involves geography, mapping, the web, and educational online films.