Sample Curriculum Gallery

Streets Education has many learning units for schools and organizations to use. They are geared toward grade-appropriate learning standards and core curricular subject matter.  A sample of our units and some lessons to use are listed below.  If you would like to receive the entire Learning Unit for anything listed below, please fill out our contact form and request the unit by its title and grade level.


Transportation for Preschoolers

Preschoolers are transit experts!  Just ask them how to get around town and they will amaze you.  This workbook has been designed to help Preschool teachers engage in a discussion about “going green”  and sustainability using some they know all about - getting around town! Included are songs,  coloring pages and a pictograph exercise.

Elementary School

How We Get to School

Kindergarten/First Grade: Designed to enhance any Neighborhood/Community Study that you are doing with your students, this unit focuses on how the streets around the school are organized. Students will   look at the way streets are designed and how signs and symbols are used to give information. Special emphasis will be placed on improving safety and awareness for walkers, bikers and drivers. Sample lesson shows a step-by-step pictograph about getting to school.

The Streets Around Us

First/Second Grade: The streets around the school act as your classroom as students learn about all of the way the streets, and cars in particular, impact our lives. By using air quality and the speed of cars outside the school, students take away valuable lessons about the environment and the importance of going green, all while combining simple math skills with science.  Sample lessons include making air quality particle boards and using a speed gun to measure speeds around the school.

Getting Around Town

Second/Third Grade: This unit focuses on transportation in New York City and it’s relationship to environmental sustainability.  It can be used to enrich your curriculum for transportation, the importance of community, and  any bridge or tunnel study.  Sample lessons include a description of the streets around the school and a scavenger hunt street walk as the beginning of the unit.

The Air That I Breathe

Fourth Grade: This unit focuses on the impact that cars have on overall air quality - and in particular around your school.  Sample lessons include a study of pollution, calculating Carbon Footprint and looking at who is driving in your neighborhood.

Middle School

The Air That I Breathe

Sixth-Eighth Grade: This unit makes the connection between our transportation choices and air quality, using the area around your school to do hands-on science lessons.  Sample lesson focuses on measuring “Average Vehicle Occupancy,” to find out if people are carpooling in the area around your school.

Redesign Your Street

Sixth-Eighth Grade: This street design study introduces students to new, innovative concepts in street design and urban planning. Students are challenged to redesign the block around their school. Sample lesson is an introductory neighborhood assessment.

The Impact of Cars

Sixth-Eighth Grade: An interdisciplinary  project that explores the overall impact of cars on our lives and the environment. Sample lesson is an outdoor exercise where students are able to measure car speeds using a radar detection device (speed gun).

Afterschool/Summer Programs

Better Air for Our City

Grades 6-8: A summer or afterschool geared project to study air quality in your program’s neighborhood.  Sample lessons include a particulate matter collecting activity and the creation of public service announcements to show what the students have learned.

Professional Development will be available to help teachers implement these learning units at no cost to schools!