About Streets Education

Streets Education seeks to inspire students to make the changes they want to see on their streets and in their neighborhoods.

Streets Education helps classroom teachers and schools weave pertinent ideas about urban livability and advocacy into their curriculum. By infusing the curricula with ideas and tools for evaluating environments, teachers help students learn how to connect their school day activities to exciting issues, including:

  • traffic calming
  • environmental improvements
  • alternative transportation
  • safe routes to schools

Our lesson plans and tools bring the content to life. Students (and their families) will also be able to translate these ideas into recommendations for calmer, more livable streets, and become forces for change in their communities.

Streets Education is the newest member of the Livable Streets Initiative. For the past three years, through new media and strategic collaborations, Streetsblog and Streetfilms have become an online hub of news, videos, and collaboration tools engaging the public in shaping more livable streets: streets that truly cater to the needs of everyone.

The campaign has seen incredible success. In New York City, Livable Streets has produced a dramatic shift in transportation policy. It has also fundamentally altered the way decisions are made, creating an open and effective partnership between the city and its residents.

Streets Education Program Areas

Free Downloadable Curricula

Working closely with educators, Streets Education creates Learning Guides to use in the classroom. These projects are designed to fit in the the core curriculum at each grade level and are often piloted in schools before they are published. Professional development is available to train teachers who are interested in working with these materials in their classrooms.


Streets Education works in public and independent schools in targeted areas throughout New York City. Our residencies are eight to ten weeks in length and involve our Education Specialists and classroom teachers working together to create curriculum that is replicable in future years.

Special Projects

Streets Education connects schools with city agencies and community-based organizations to do specialized programming. Whether students want to advocate for improvements to their local park, or win a speed hump on their block, we will work to bring these improvements to neighborhoods, one school at a time.